Monday, 5 December 2011

Storyboard Books Printed and Signed!

When pulling together the Storyboard exhibition, Mat and I reallised what a great opportunity we had to make a photography based documentary of the project. So we went ahead and turned our favourite 26 images along with the story into delightful little handmade books. Great for the coffee table or for budding board builders to browse over for some thoughtful inspiration....we hope! We had a limited run of 14 printed, which we have both signed and the first few have disappeared from our hands without us even telling anyone about them. This first run of signed editions are priced at £25 each, so if youd like to pick one up before Christmas, let us know and we'll send one out to you.

Here are some teaser images that are in the book.

We are planning to complete a second edition of prints when we sell out of those first few, but these wont be signed and will be sold at a price of £20. So if you miss the first batch, fear not, more are on the way!