Friday, 20 January 2012

8'0 minimal nearly ready for laminating!

We've almost got our first over-seas order completed...just waiting on the fin to arrive before we take it to be laminated. This 8'0 is destined for Guernsey (about as close as an over-seas order can be!) and a matching stand is going with it, so when it's not in the water it'll be on display in the house. Nice to know it won't end up at the back of someones shed!

The board is mostly wetern red cedar, with poplar and walnut strips down the center and matching in the rails. The walnut didn't like bending into the nose on the rails, so the nose block had to be laminated cedar to give us the shape we needed to a point further down the board than usual. We can't wait to see how the colours in the timber come out once its laminated....

The bottom planking...where every board begins.

Here you see the extended nose-block allowing for a nice smooth outline.


All the rails on....nearly ready for the deck skin to be glued on.

The deck is on and we begin finding the shape.

Its now just about the final shaping and sanding to prepare it for laminating.

We'll post some more pics of the board and stand when we get it back from Paul at Diplock Phoenix.