Saturday, 18 February 2012

SAS Fundraiser Board Sold on E-bay

The 6'10 Mini Magic that we built as a donation for the SAS fundraiser raffle last year was kindly donated back to them as the raffle winner felt she wouldn't be able to do the board justice - how kind! So SAS put the board up on e-bay to see if they could raise some more cash and it sold last weekend for a bargain price of £1022...with a Wave Tribe board bag and leash as well as a lovely Rainbow Fin Co. 9" fin.

The final winner is somewhere down here in Cornwall, so hopefully we'll be able to build a good relationship with them and get some feedback from the board as well as offer them a visit to the workshop when they come to SAS to pick up the board.

Here are some pictures of the board that SAS took to show the board off and if you want to get your mits on one, let us know and we'll see what we can do for you....

Dom from SAS holds the board up in the sun at the back of their offices in St. Agnes

The Winner's loot - board, bag, leash and fin, oh and one of our little jute bags to keep his accessories in.

The board in the making last year - looks like we needed to tidy the workshop a little!

I wonder if we'll be working with the guys down the road again...keep a look out for further collaboration projects coming this year!