Thursday, 3 May 2012

Day Two of our one week workshop

Here are a few snaps from our second day in the worshop with Darren. Today the emphasis was on the rails...we needed to get as many strips as possible in place today to make sure we could hit our target tomorrow. Things managed to run so smoothly that we even started thinking about the nose and tail blocks too!

The rail strips are a tricky thing to get set right without breakages, but once the first few are on, the rest follow on pretty easily. Although it's important to keep your concentration to achieve consistant glue joins, which i think Darren found out as i was following him around for most of the day making tiny adjustments to his clamps.

Those first couple of strips going on give us the outline of the board - so critical.

Darren made the most of all the clamps at hand...lucky he was the only one building rails on Tuesday!

Darren making some micro adjustments before applying the clamping pressure.

The board starting to take shape now, you really begin to get a sense of its template.

Towards the end of the day we even had enough rail strips on to start fitting the nose and tail blocks.